Frequently Asked Questions

What is CLINIC Dash? 

Clinic Dash is a game in the time-management genre in which you, the player, run a clinic.

Under your wise guidance, our heroes, nurse Rachel and Dr. Tim, hope to realize their dream and help the sick around the world, with your help along the way, of course.

There are several locations in the game, and the clinics are located all over the world. Each clinic has unique areas that add variety to the gameplay. In each clinic, the player must complete a certain number of levels in order to advance to the next hospital.

You will have patients visiting your clinics, and your task is to admit and treat them. You will receive coins for each procedure you perform on each patient. Each patient has a patience timer, and you will need to attend to them before that timer expires. If the procedure is performed while the patience timer is lit green, you will receive a like and a tip.

There are several types of levels in the game. They vary in different goals, for example: collecting the right amount of coins or fulfilling the desire of patients to lie in the right area of the hospital.

The game also offers you upgrades for equipment. Using them will help you reach your level goal faster and much easier.

How to play? 

Each level has the following gameplay items:

Bonuses and Boosters 

If completing a level seems too difficult, the game offers you special boosters and bonuses. 

Boosters can be activated before starting a level, and they will be active throughout the whole level.

Bonuses can be used during the level to initiate special actions and reach the level goal faster.

Here is a brief description of each bonus and booster: 

Superhero Costume 

The Superhero Costume booster gives your staff superhero costumes that allow them to fly all over the map, which significantly reduces the time of moving between all areas. 

Cleaner Drone

The smart janitor drone will help you clean the beds. It will automatically make every bed throughout the whole level.

Quick work 

This booster speeds up all your actions, making you twice as fast. This doubles your speed while you're cleaning the bed and making treatments! Also, it speeds up your Cleaner Drone for the whole level. 

Instant Service

This bonus will meet all wishes of all patients in one click. 

Clean Slate 

This bonus will clean all beds in an instant. All unoccupied beds will also become clean and ready for new patients. 

Level Goals 


At this level, the player has to get a specified amount of coins. When playing towards this level goal, the player receives coins for each procedure made when the patience timers of patients are in the green zones, when each patient is lying on the desired bed and you also get a coin for each pet of the cat when its patience timer is green. 

VIP patients give double tips.


At this level, the player has to gain a specified amount of likes. When playing towards this level goal, likes can be obtained for any action performed when the patience timers of the patients are in the green zones. 

VIP patients give not one but two likes for each action performed when their patience timers are in the gold zones.


At this level, the player has to get a specified amount of smileys. When playing towards this level goal, each smiley can be obtained only by fully serving the patient whose patience timer is in the green zone.

SERVE THE patients

At this level, the player has to serve a specified number of guests. When playing towards this level goal, you can give orders to visitors whose patience timers are in the red zones. 

Right Colors

At this level, the player has to place a specified amount of patients at their desired bed color. When playing towards this level goal, patients whose patience timers are in the red zones can also be served. 

Additional level objectives

In addition to the main goal, the player must complete such additional objectives.

Levels against the clock

In addition to the main goal, the player must complete such a level during a specified time. When playing such levels, the patients flow in an endless stream. Lost patients and their requests will not be punished.


In addition to the main goal, the player has to invite every patient to a free bed to prevent them from leaving.

DO NOT MISS A request

In addition to the main goal, the player must fulfill every request and wish of every patient.

Upgrades Shop

The player can buy upgrades for equipment.

Purchasing upgrades will allow players to get more coins on levels, increase the speed of procedures, as well as prolong patients waiting times.

Cat Zen


Competitive Leagues

Leagues are an integral part of competitive events that allow you an opportunity to win more valuable prizes!

The Wooden League is the lowest league; it's where all our players start! 

Compete in tournaments regularly, and you'll get to the highest league, where players get the biggest rewards.

Rewards depend on your place in the standings and your league - rank high among the top league players to move up to the next one and win even more rewards!



The ranks you need to move up the league are marked with that league's icon.

If you rank low in a competition, you may lose your current league position and drop to your previous league. This is also indicated by an icon.

Piggy Bank

Returning to previous clinics

Can't pass a level

All levels have been thoroughly tested and can be passed without using bonuses and boosters. Some levels are difficult to complete, but you'll get through them! 💪

Here are our tips:

Saving game progress

Your game progress is saved automatically if your device is connected to the internet, so don't worry. 

It won't be lost even if you reinstall the game!

You can also save your progress using your Facebook or Apple ID (iOS 13.0 or higher). Here’s how:

If you’re having trouble, please get in touch with our Customer Support. We’re happy to help!



* Please be aware that access to Facebook programs and services can be restricted in certain countries or regions. In such cases, we comply with local laws and regulations.

Loss of progress

Have you lost your game progress? We're here to help!

Here's what you should do:

If the progress has not been restored after these actions, please contact our support team with the following information:

This information will help greatly when it comes to restoring your progress.


How to change the game language?

You can enjoy the game in different languages. 

It is easy to change the language if you accidentally set a different one. 

Just follow these steps:

Enjoy the game! If the problem persists, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Technical Support.

Start the game over

Want to relive your adventure again?

Here's what you should do:


I can't connect my game to Facebook

If the game won't connect to Facebook, follow these steps:


For iOS devices:


For Android devices:

Please be aware that access to Facebook programs and services can be restricted in certain countries or regions. In such cases, we comply with local laws and regulations.

Transferring game progress to a new device

You can transfer your progress between devices by connecting the game on your new device to the same Facebook or Apple ID used on your first device.

To do this, please follow the steps below:


Using Facebook:


Using your Apple ID (devices must have iOS 13.0 or higher):

Why does my connection keep dropping?

If you're having connection problems while playing, follow these steps:



 If these steps don't help, open another app to check your connection. 

If the problem persists, it is most likely related to your internet connection rather than the game. In this case, we recommend contacting your internet provider.

How to avoid technical problems in the game?

We've collected some time-saving tips and tricks to help you avoid common technical issues while playing the game.


Just follow these steps:


If you do experience a technical issue, please get in touch with our Customer Support. We’re always happy to help! 


Happy gaming!

All sound effects are gone

If the sound has disappeared from your game, these steps should help:



If the sound is still missing, try this:


If this doesn't help, open another app to check that the sound is generally working. If this issue reoccurs in other apps, we recommend contacting your device manufacturer.


 If the sound is only affected in game, please send a report with a video to our support team.

My purchase did not appear in the game

The first thing to check is the internet connection. It must be stable enough to add your purchase to the game. If the connection was interrupted during or immediately after the purchase, restart the device, log back into the game and check if the purchase has arrived.


If your purchase still doesn’t appear, please get in touch with us. In your request, please specify the following:


Please note that screenshots of an SMS from a bank, mobile operator or banking application are not proof of purchase.


⚠️ IMPORTANT: Without a receipt or screenshot of your purchase history, we will not be able to help you properly.


⚠️ More information about the purchase history can be found in the user support section of the app store websites:

I cannot make a purchase in the game

If you have previously made purchases in the game or other applications, the problem may be caused by the following:



If you have not yet made purchases in the game or other apps, the cause of the problem may be:





Please note that all purchases are handled directly by your app store. Please contact their support team directly if the suggestions above do not help.

Is it possible to pass the game without making purchases?

Of course, game is free for all our users: it is possible to pass any level in the game without spending real money.


You can use in-game purchases and buy rubies or boosters to make the game easier for yourself. 

However, it is not necessary - you can also win them in-game events, in daily bonuses, or get them as a reward.